Sunday, February 27, 2005


It's another cold wintery Sunday afternoon. The woodburning stove has a fire roaring to combat the chill outside that is attempting to wend its way inside. It is a clear blue sunny sky day. The sunshine helps in more ways than one. Psychologically of course it's wonderful to see that blue sky and the light ouside. Physically we are fortunate to have our house oriented in such a way that the rooms we occupy most, the family room and the upstairs office/loft space, make maximum use of the incoming sunshine.

This morning I actually got to sleep late...something that doesn't happen very often. S had to get up early to go to a French Conversation Club meeting. Apparently it was a lot of fun, she really enjoyed it and intends to continue to go to meetings.

If it hadn't been for that she would probably still be in her p.j.'s just like her sisters. I'm sitting here typing this listening to the three of them giggling and laughing downstairs, kicking back and enjoying their day off.

Me? I'm upstairs finishing up some work I have to do for a client from when I used to be self-employed. Currently waiting on hold listening to the most cool jazz music, bopping silently on the other end of the phone while typing this. At least it helps pass the time. They give you an option to sit on hold without music, not sure why anyone would want to do that, especially when the music is so cool.

D just invited me to go play DDR with her. As soon as I get off the phone and finish this last letter I guess I'm heading downstairs to jump around to loud teen music and try not to tangle my feet so hopelessly that I fall over and embarass myself.

One ringy dingy, now talking to customer support so I'm going to end this post here.

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