Saturday, February 19, 2005

student yoga

Lara, my yoga teacher, teaches others to become yoga teachers. As part of their "graduation" requirements they have to teach a class. Lara lets the students in her other classes know when these new teacher classes are. No cost, just fill out an evaluation afterwards. It's always nice to take them because it's an extra yoga class (always a good thing) and it's interesting to see how others teach.

Today's class was good, I felt like I got a nice work out. The teacher was a bit nervous and a little rushed in some areas but overall it was good. And at the end of class we all shared the most amazing OM. I think it must have been partially due to the structure of the room that we were in, but even so it was good. Perhaps I'll wind up seeing this teacher again if she subs for Lara some day.

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