Friday, February 18, 2005

does this count?

Today while out shopping I saw the cutest craft kit. It was for a knitted purse. But the purse was made out of fabric that was cut into strips and then knitted and sewed. The kit was $12.95. I thought that was a bit pricey and wandered over to the discount fabric section where I purchased two yards of fabric for $2.00 and I intend to cut it into strips myself and knit it into a purse. [If I can figure out how to get better pictures out of my web cam it might actually appear here one day when I am done with it.]

So I didn't buy yarn. Does that mean I am keeping to my promise? hmmmmmm

And I am seriously tempted to abandon the hat-in-progress to start working on this purse which I know will be delightful when it is done. So delightful in fact that it may be "borrowed" by a daughter whether I want them to or not. Possibly even delightful enough for others to want me to make one for them. A true dilemma.

The compromise for now is that I will s-l-o-w-l-y cut the fabric into strips while working on the hat. Then when I am done with the hat I'll consider inserting the purse. After all I'll need something cute and pink for summer. Stay tuned....

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