Friday, February 25, 2005

another delay

Yesterday the kids had early dismissal due to a threatened snowstorm that didn't start until 6 pm. This morning there was a 90 minute delay called. While it does look pretty outside again as all the trees are dressed in their winter white snow coats I am getting thoroughly tired of the delays and snow days. I've lost count again of how many this adds up to. Apparently State law mandates that the children cannot go to school past the end of June but we're getting awful close to that.

The funny thing is that when I was a kid somehow I seem to remember that we didn't start until after Labor Day and we ended before Memorial Day. Now they start before Labor Day and go until almost 4th of July. What's going on here? Where did those extra days creep in to the schedule? The kids don't (to my knowledge) have a lot of extra vacation days and I'm pretty sure that the mandated 180 school days is the same number of days.

Oh well, they're happy, they got to sleep late.

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