Monday, February 28, 2005

pajamas and tiaras

My friend Marilyn has a Pajama and Tiara party every year. She invites all of her girlfriends to come over in their pjs and rhinestoniest finery to watch the Oscars™ and eat junk food. It's a lot of fun. Imagine, 20 grown women hanging out at a girly-girl pj party admiring each other's costume jewelry and secretly planning a run on Claire's before next years event.

I wore my pink flannel pjs, borrowed S's pink fluffy sluffy slippers and, since I didn't have a tiara, borrowed D's maribou feather blue deeley-bobbers. I think the deeley-bobbers were the hit of the evening. The funny thing was that I kept forgetting that I had them on. Occasionally I would answer the door as new people arrived and the person arriving would burst out laughing. One hopes this was due to the deeley bobbers.

My friend Marianne and I carpooled to get there because we both planned on leaving early...tomorrow IS a work day ya know. Unfortunately we were having such a good time that the next thing we knew the award for Best Actress was on. Marianne said, "Don't they usually save those for near the end?" Then we both realized it was 11 pm and waaaaay past bedtime. We bid a hasty goodby and headed back home; since I was already in my pjs, I ditched the slippers and deeley-bobbers, brushed my teeth and climbed into bed.

How much of the Oscars™ did I really watch? Best Acresss.

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