Thursday, October 05, 2006

thursday thirteen - food

I confess that this is only the second time that I have been able to participate in the Thursday Thirteen meme. Part of the problem is that there are so many people who participate and I want to read all of them. So if I think I have a good chance of reading them I will participate, otherwise I'll wait until a better week.

As I was racking my brain for thirteen things I realized it's not that easy. But here's one...thirteen things I make that my kids like to eat. Some of the kids are pickier eaters than the others but these are family favorites:

1. homemade mac and cheese
2. red rice and beans
3. spaghetti with Dad's sauce
4. homemade pizza
5. fresh homemade bread with homemade grape jelly
6. cassoulet
7. pesto pasta
8. leek and potato soup
9. tacquitos
10. latkes
11. homemade applesauce
12. cookies (of any sort)
13. banana bread


Jon said...

Funny, My T13 is also about food this week, specifically what's in my refrigerator. It seems both of us were having writer's block!

~ Stacy ~ said...

Mac & Cheese is almost always a given, thank goodness for that. :)

What's a cassoulet?

Hope you're having a terrific Thursday!

Chaotic Mom said...

Yeah! I'm making leek and potato soup today, with homemade bread! And HOPING the boys eat it. They like almost any soup they can dip their bread in, I guess.

Yours seem a little less picky than mine. ;)

Caylynn said...

Most of those sound very yummy. :)

Happy Thursday. :) 2 cents said...

Alot of those things sound delicious, like the cookies, apple sauce, macaroni & cheese, homemade bread & jelly, the banana bread... etc.

A great list!!

Lynn said...

It's great that you can come up with thirteen things that your kids like to eat....that is always a challenge here....well things that all three will eat at the same time;-) Thanks for sharing about the Free Hugs. I get the "word" for the day from but I haven't been to their site for awhile. Thanks for stopping by.