Saturday, October 28, 2006

book review - every mother is a daughter

Remember a while back I joined Callapidder Days Fall Into Reading Challenge. So here is my latest entry review for a book on my list that I read.

Every Mother Is a Daughter: The Neverending Quest for Success, Inner Peace, and a Really Clean Kitchen (Recipes and Knitting Patterns Included) is a great book. I felt a strong connection with the author (whose columns I admire in Knitter's magazine), her relationship with her mother, and her reflections on life, motherhood, culture and more.

Yes there are knitting patterns. Yes there are recipes. But mostly this book is an open and honest dialogue between mother and daughter about different areas of their lives, their approaches, their feelings. There was a lot there that I could relate to. I also found myself amused sometimes by the interjections each gave to the other when certain statements were made. It is a book filled with the love that they have for each other along with the exasperation that daughters have for mothers and mothers have for children. It made me look a little closer at some of my interactions with my daughters. Definitely a good book and a worthwhile read.

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Jennifer said...

I'm just now reading around last week's Semicolon book review links. I'm so glad that I came here. I remember that name, Perri Klass. I think that used to read a magazine column of hers and saw that a book was coming out, but never followed up. I have wishlisted this book and her novel.