Monday, October 09, 2006

apple picking day

It was a gorgeous sunny day today. Funny enough it didn't feel "fall-y" enough for apple picking. I usually expect the weather to be crisp and cool with a wine-y scent of groundfall apples. It was over 70 degrees but the smell of fall was there.

My Aunt Susan came up and we met at my cousin's house with her adorable twins, E and M. They are so adorable and we played with play-doh for a while before heading off to the orchard.

The orchard, unfortunately, was quite a disappointment. It was not well kept, there were poison ivy vines at the bottom of a lot of trees, the trees did not look well pruned, the trees were not marked as to type of apple, the bottoms of the trees had been so thoroughly picked that you needed a pole to get to the apples at the top. The orchard did not have enough poles to pass out to everyone. I was rather upset about it and have decided that I will not be returning to them next year.

We did manage to pick a bushel of apples. Well, my Aunt and I did. My cousin, E and M sat in the shade of a tree with M throwing apples while they waited.

After the apple picking the twins went down for a nap and Susan and I went back to my house. We had a lovely lunch in my wonderful tree house (so perfect for entertaining in good weather) and enjoyed hours of great conversation before she finally had to head home.

It was a really wonderful day.

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Sunny said...

Thanks for apple picking day...
Also golden rasps....
Sweet memories...
Shall think of you Wed next Mira..
God bless