Tuesday, October 31, 2006

it's over

the madness, the mayhem...ghosties, ghoulies and more.

We were fortunate enough to have warm weather for Halloween this year, in the 60's. D went as an adorable geisha, V went as a white witch. But the hordes. My goodness.

We have lived here for five years now and know that this is THE Halloween street in the area. Usually the count is somewhere around 200. I bought candy sticks this year; enough for 240 kids. By 7:45 I was almost out so I called a friend who had offered candy if I needed it. She brought up enough for another 50-60 kids. At 8:30 I had to turn off my lights, we were done. By my count that is around 300 kids!!! Dang that's a lot of candy.

Some of it was fun, the cute little kids just learning to say 'happy halloween' and the older kids who chat for a minute or really put some thought into their costumes. Sometimes I ask if the kids can do tricks. This year I got a kid in a gorilla costume who walked on his hands for me. I like that part of it but admit that it gets tiring handing out that much candy, running back and forth, being up and chipper and "oh how cute" all night long.

My in-laws were here to visit, they were stunned by the sheer numbers. My friends Christina and Patty came with their families, they know this is THE street also but even they were stunned this year. All in all we had a fun evening, eating chili, playing monopoly and handing out candy. Now the kitchen is cleaned up, the candy debris has been cleared and it's off to bed.

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