Friday, October 06, 2006


One of the problems with volunteering for things is that occasionally it gets you into trouble. Not serious, messing with the law, trouble. Just trouble.

Like tonight.

It all started last May.

D's Girl Scout leader asked for a co-leader. Somehow I found myself volunteering before any form of conscious and rational thought could make its way through the blobby grey matter that serves as my brain.

All summer long we happily made plans for the troop, activities for the girls, fun stuff that we could help them work on. It's all for a good cause, for the girls. Helping them to become independent, self-aware, self-caring human beings. Definitely worthwhile for everyone involved.

However the second not-quite-rational thought was to plan a camp-out. Somehow in August the idea of a camp-out seems like fun. Even though you are planning it for OCTOBER!!!! We did not think (in case you hadn't guessed) that it might be cold. Now we are planning on spending the night in a tent near a pond :probably lots of bullfrogs to keep us awake she grumbles:

The girls were thrilled to say the very least. Half of them are very excited about the idea of being able to pee in the woods. My thoughts on that matter? If you want to pee in the woods honey, go right ahead. I personally will be bringing a huge honking flashlight and hiking over the hill to the nearest house (luckily belonging to the Leader).

Now I'm somehow managing to plan the evening's activities:

  • We have to watch stars to finish the Outdoor Creativity Badge (full moon tonight, wonder if that affects the viewing?)

  • eat s'mores [no real challenge there except my daughter is a vegetarian and can't eat marshmallows. Did I go to the healthfood store over an hour away to buy $4.89/bag vegan marshmallows? Nope. Muy bad (and I do feel awful about it). In my own defence I have invented the tinfoil-s'more-maker. Marshmallow fluff has no gelatin therefore you assemble your s'more-a-like, wrap it in foil and bake in the fire. No charcoaled exterior on the marshmallows but gooey and delicious just the back to regularly scheduled blogging]

  • sing campfire songs - It's my job to teach them as this is our first campout. I've been running through some oldies but goodies, I'm thinking this will be lots of fun. I've also got a head-start in that D already knows all the songs.

  • tell ghost stories - I really don't like that part as I'm sure I will wind up with somebodylying on top of/next to me in quakey-shakey terror of the latest boogey man. And let's not mention that I have a very active imagination and really don't like scary stories to begin with.

  • keep warm - I personally plan to bring three pairs of socks and thermal underwear. I'm a wuss, I like to be warm while I sleep. I've been told that Boy Scouts camp even in the winter but that's them.

  • eat - for dinner the girls planned weenie wraps on a stick, potatoes in foil, and baby carrots (probably to try to appease the two moms into believing they would be eating something healthy. Breakfast? Our Fearless Leader says she's not cooking coffee over a campfire, she's hiking over the hill. I have put in an order for a cup of green tea thankyouverymuch.

  • sleep - as if

    Unfortunately I will not be able to take a nap before I go, should make for a very interesting tomorrow.


    owlhaven said...

    Sounds like fun!!

    Mary, mom to many

    The Wooden Porch said...

    Fun! ;-)

    We were going to go camping this weekend, but it's too cold for a 8 month old baby and I broke my finger. I love camping though.