Sunday, October 29, 2006

give him an inch...

...he'll take the whole sofa! I am of course referring to the furball-in-residence otherwise known as Tobi. When he first came into our life I thought there were certain rules that I wanted enforced. No dog on the bed. No begging at the table. Must be potty trained. No dog on the sofa. The children will walk the dog.

I don't know if it's because we got him as a puppy, because I am a weak lily-livered person (please don't answer that) or the conspirations of the universe but so far the count has become Dog 3 Mom 2. He does not beg and he is potty trained. Those are my victories.

D likes him to sleep on her bed...I find him there sometimes - with or without her. Then we (read not me) began letting him on the "old" sofa. He would curl up neatly in the corner and be happy communing with his pack while they watched tv. Then he began to stretch out; soon he was lying along the back of the sofa with everyone perched in front. Now I've just chased him off the "good" or "new" sofa. Curled up pretty as you please taking a snooze. I made him get down but I've realized this is a losing battle. Once he knows he can go on a sofa why should he care which sofa? With or without people? Without is probably better, there's more room.

And guess who walks him? Hrrrmph.

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Jennifer said...

Yes, my dog has her own sofa, too. It's pleather. But lately, instead of sleeping on the end of our bed, or on the floor in our room, she comes downstairs and sleeps on the "real" sofa.