Friday, October 13, 2006

pissed off

I got online this morning in a vain attempt to catch up on some of my favorite blog posts. Life has been very hectic (as evidenced by the limited posts on my end) and I have been behind. What I got was a smack in the face.

Reading Mommy off the Record, one of my new favorites, I was abruptly introduced to Bitacle and their blatant thievery of blog posts for personal profit. To say that I was stunned was an understatement. I followed some of the leads and wound up here which is probably the best place to get info about this. I was outraged at what these people are doing. They are stealing other people's words, pictures, and work for their gain. Since they are in Spain they probably think that copyright laws do not apply to them.

Out of curiousity I decided to check for my blog. Another slap in the face. I'll start with the honest statement that I do not think my blog is anything amazing. There are far more talented bloggers out there. But I enjoy it, friends and family keep up with me this way and I have a few blog-friends who I am slowly getting to know by cross-posting. I enjoy this communication with them and I enjoy sharing parts of my life. 364 of my pages have been stolen. And advertised! I don't even advertise on my own site. I do this for personal enjoyment not to profit off of it.

I'm so angry that I don't know what to do. I am going to have to investigate this further to determine what's next for me. But for the next few days there will be no posts as this has taken all of the joy out of it for me.

If you blog I encourage you to check and make sure your content is not being stolen. If it is you can join the rest of us in fighting against them.


Chaotic Mom said...

WOW. I knew this would happen, but sheesh! How horrid! Going to check it now.

Hey, and I was just putting together a peace post, came over to reference your listing peaceful things you notice throughout the day. THAT practice has really helped me fall asleep better at night now!

But, yeah, these kind of morons really tick me off BIG time.

Chaotic Mom said...

Okay, looking into this just a LITTLE, I think if you DON'T allow your blog to be published to "feeds", they can't pick it up. And if you DO find out you've been copied, then you can file a hardcopy of compaint to Google to have it taken off their servers. Hmmm... I don't understand this yet, but I did take feeds off through my blogger dashboard for my blog.

Wow. This is really weird. But it IS similar to newspaper/journal researchers who charge for their services. "I'll research a topic, bring you relevant material, charge you a fee." Then the original author of that researched material doesn't make additional money, I guess.

I think Bitacle said they will publish URL info to credit their material now, too. So they aren't laying claim to it, but just charging a fee for their search services? Who would pay when anyone can find that stuff for free?

K said...

Thanks for sharing this with us, Mira! I can't really figure out how to look for anything that they might have of mine. Any hints?

Chaotic Mom said...

Hey, I've been wondering how you're doing. Have you figured out anything yet? I know you were on to something here.