Wednesday, January 12, 2005

three and counting

Well there was indeed another snow day today. I asked a co-worker who informed me that this makes three this year. Truthfully this was one that needed to be a snow day. We received several inches of snow followed by freezing rain. It was still raining (felt a little like ice) as I wrassled the garbage up to the top of the driveway this morning.

I am a very lucky person though, I have the opportunity to work at home on days like this so that is exactly what I did. The kids slept late. After lunch they all got together and had fun baking a cake for the neighbor who, unasked, plowed our driveway since the stuff was too wet and heavy to use the snowblower (thanks Pete!). They also made a cake and some cupcakes for us. Boy are they going to have a lot of cleaning up to do! It was worth the mess though because it was so wonderful to hear them all giggling and chatting in the kitchen as they baked and decorated together.

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