Saturday, January 22, 2005


Yesterday it was single digits. When we woke up this morning it was -4. It has since warmed up to a balmy 5 degrees fahrenheit and promises to get warmer. However...there is a winter storm warning and we are expected to get as much as 18 inches of snow starting this afternoon and going through into tomorrow late afternoon.

For dinner last night we had soup made by our youngest daughter. She's 10 and LOVES to cook. She "invented" a soup that was very delicious. Here's the recipe:

1 quart vegetable broth
6 C. water
2 chicken breasts diced and sauteed
1 large onion diced and sauteed
several carrots peeled and sliced
a couple of potatoes peeled and diced
a few ribs of celery sliced
cook together until potatoes are softened
salt to taste
serve garnished with minced parsley

Very simple but filling and satisfying.

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