Wednesday, January 05, 2005

name that fad

I received the unexpected pleasure of a phone call from my niece Megan this morning. Turns out she had to do a school project and ask people what was a fad when they were kids. It must have been pretty popular because when I said pet rock she asked me to try again because she already had that one. The next most popular on the list was a yo-yo.

It started us thinking about clothing fads. Bell bottom pants...platform shoes...peasant blouses...and then I realized, probably like everyone else in my generation, if I had saved my old clothes I could have made a *fortune* since all that stuff is now considered retro or vintage or something like that.

Wonder what the next big fad is.


K said...

Hi Mira,
Thanks for the inspiration! I've been trying to find out how to do this blogging stuff! I should have thought to pick your brain!

As far as fads go... I am praying that spandex stays far far away... though I have seen some leg warmers rounding the mall lately.


K said...

forgot to mention my blog

K said...
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