Thursday, January 06, 2005

minestrone and more

Another snow day today. Last night we got five inches of snow and now we have freezing rain coming down on top of it. So no school for the kids...lucky them they are hanging out in their pj's all day.

The cold, snowy, grey weather made me decide I needed some minestrone soup. Check out the link above...lots of good recipes for minestrone there; pick one that appeals to you, cook up a delicious batch and enjoy.

Today I also received a message from my friend Karen. I've missed her since we moved away and was thrilled to hear from her. Since we both have lots of kids we don't have much time to keep in touch with each other. Now she's decided to start a blog (after reading my blog which I started because of Wendy's blog). It's an interesting cycle of propigation, should be fun to watch the blogs grow.

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