Thursday, January 20, 2005


Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, we have another school delay. I'm beginning to feel like this is turning into the wintry weather school blog. That 90 minute delay for two different schools that start at two different times really throws things off in our household. You'd think after three years we'd be used to it by now. I think it's more the disruption to the routine rather than the inability to process the information. Still, having three kids running around all discomboobulated while I'm trying to get ready for work (a little unstructured and hectic myself) is fodder for a movie script! Hopefully the rest of the day will get easier from here.


K said...

Hey Mira,
It's supposed to hit 72 here today... Snow is out of the question here!

Miss you,

K said...

I meant to tell you, we've been reading about "Snowflake Bentley". The kids love his story. He was from Vermont, so I couldn't help but think of you while we read. The kids are begging for snow. I am trying to figure out how I can give them a snow trip without freezing my tail off! My blood is so thin now. If the house gets to 67, I'm crying!

mira said...

We were very fortunate when we lived in Veromont to be able to see an exhibit of Snowflake Bentley's photographs at the Essex Public Library. They were fascinating to look at.