Thursday, March 30, 2006

weed war

It has begun! Today the weather is a balmy 62 degrees F. Lovely, lovely. I sat outside for a little while soaking up the sunshine and listening to all the little birdies in the garden.

I looked around and was absolutely delighted to see a bunch of small purple crocus open and cheerily bobbing in the breeze. Spring has definitely sprung. And the daffodils have all shot up and are masses of pointy little buds about to burst forth.

Then I realized the weeds have already started! They made massive inroads in the bed at the top of the yard (I know, crummy picture but I'm using a web cam through the window screen). And the evergreen up there is in serious need of a haircut.

Last year the weeds won (okay, let's be serious every year the weeds win) but somehow I still keep trying, not quite sure why but it seems to be the thing to do.

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