Wednesday, March 22, 2006

pod addiction

Hrrmm! Thanks to my friend Meg I have now acquired another timewaster productivity tool from the internet. Listening to the darn thing while browsing. Not getting me any closer to knitting now is it? Oh sure, I suppose I could browse with a pointer attached to an elbow whilst knitting and listening but that might be too much multi-tasking for my poor little grey cells.

I had actually resisted podlistening for quite some time, sure that I didn't need it. Then Meg happened to mention her favorite podcasts [I'll let her "guest-edit" here...]

Ms. Pearl-McPhee is hilarious. The story about knitting socks at the movies is worth the price of admission. Check out her podcast as well:
Yarn Harlot

And speaking of podcasts:

Brenda Dayne, an American ex-pat living in Wales. She's a writer by trade, a fan of great music, and a knitting fanatic. Her motto is "remember, if you're cold put on a sweater, that's what they're for." Check out Episode 1.5, A Snow Day" and see if you're not hooked...

Marie Irshad, out of the UK - a pioneer of knitting podcasts:

Luckily according to NoIpodRequired I learned that I can copy all my favorite casts, burn a CD and then happily listen while driving around town because I don't own *gasp* an ipod of my own.

Thanks Meg!

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