Monday, March 27, 2006

first garden day

Well the day is a little nippy but warm enough to be outside. I received some plants that I had ordered (and some that I hadn't?!?!). My lovely long-awaited boxes arrived with two cherry trees, a plum tree, gooseberry bush and raspberry bushes. Unfortunately I was supposed to get blueberry bushes instead of raspberries. Called the company up to let them know. The friendly operator said, "Oh Geez, well don't mail them back."

Now I have 8 new raspberry bushes in my raspberry bed (luckily I had room) and am expecting three blueberry bushes to arrive in a couple of weeks.

The raspberries are planted, the gooseberry is planted and my wonderful husband dug three holes for the fruit trees which are soaking and will be planted tomorrow. And I have ripped and dirtied my first set of gloves for the season....I'm happy.

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