Thursday, March 30, 2006

another first

Hanging laundry! I's dweeby to some, however I truly enjoy hanging laundry. There's something very peaceful about it and it smells so much better than shoving it in the dryer. I do confess to being a wimp and not hanging laundry during the winter (although I have been assured that you can do that). So the first laundry-hanging day of the year is always wonderful.

p.s. It's currently 65 delicious degrees wahoo!.


K said...

I love hanging laundry as well! But you know the powers that be here would never allow it, so I am being a rebel! I bought a collapsable clothes drying rack and I stick it in the sun to dry my clothes! No line involved, therefore, I can't be fined!! LOL Gotta be a trouble maker... just gotta be!

mira said...

Go rebels!! Not too far off from what used to happen before laundry lines...they used bushes.

When I lived near you I had a "hidden line" that was in a corner and only went up on laundry day *shhhhhhh* ;-)