Sunday, March 19, 2006

triple b

As in Big Baking Day…it turned into a marathon session.

V had a friend sleep over last night. Turns out this friend is a vegan. So I ground up some Ezekiel bread flour, used that to make a snack loaf (since it has legumes, millet and beans in it for extra protein), replaced the egg with banana and the honey with sucanat. Threw in an extra handful of millet for crunchy goodness. They were yummy. The guest in question departed practically clutching the remainder.

Then onto making a batch of bread for sandwiches (two loaves) and baking almond-barley biscotti. Unfortunately I wasn't paying attention when making the biscotti. They "felt" different. Looked different too. A taste revealed that I had forgotten the sucanat. So I have some almond toasts. Not sure what to do with them but I'm thinking of grinding them up and using them for a crust?? We'll see.

Another batch of biscotti, apricot-barley because I didn't want to pound all those almonds again. This time I remembered the sucanat. Amazing what a difference that makes (hah!).

Next an olive oil blueberry cake for tonight's dessert. I've made this recipe before but not with fresh-ground whole-wheat flour. Hopefully it will turn out well.

It's definitely been a big baking day.

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