Monday, January 01, 2007

thoughts on the new year

Here we are, another new year. It's an arbitrary day really but somehow one that we ascribe lots of importance to. Making resolutions, reviewing the year past, making plans for the upcoming year. All good things for many but this year I have decided to try something different.

I'm tired of feeling so overwhelmed by my shoulds, both past and future. I think I would find more joy in life if I simply focus on the now. I've been doing more of that, especially since I started (and continued) my 30 Days of Peace. Instead of thinking about what I didn't accomplish, what I missed, worrying about what I have to do and when, I'm going to once again be grateful for what I have and to remember to follow my Aunt's advice to Do Less.

So no resolutions this year. Do I still have goals to be accomplished? Absolutely. Will I always have daily lists of things to be done? You betcha. Will I have things/actions/decisions that I will rethink as time goes by? Probably. But instead of worrying about these and focusing on them I plan instead to focus on the good stuff and to try to be more present, more now.

Whatever your plans for your new year I hope they are happy ones and that the coming year brings you much joy.

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