Monday, January 15, 2007

food for thought

I have mentioned several times my desire to take a page from my Aunt's notebook and Do Less. Frequently easier said than done. Here is a link that I found inspiring as I try to move in that direction:

  • Soul of the Home

    Of course this line of thinking also always brings up for the that scary word...organization. I swear I constantly tell myself "if I could just be more organized." Somehow I am never organized enough; I come up with all sorts of plans and programs, implement some of them, some of them even stick. But it's still not enough. Not sure why. I've even found two sites Fly Lady and OrganizedHome.Com where I have gotten and implemented a lot of useful ideas. I've even been tempted by the thought of a Home Management Binder the idea of which seems to be sweeping bloggerville. Some of them are really pretty. And it's tempting because I like to scrapbook and so this could be a FUN project, hah!

    But will it really help? Not sure. I've been trying to use my Palm Pilot more. I've got 80% of my address book(s) in there, pretty good about keeping the calendar in there, great at the shopping lists, got a few e-books (thank you Gutenberg Project) and, of course, a couple of games. But I like paper. I didn't buy myself a paper planner this year to force myself to try to learn to use my Palm more. But I miss that planner, turning the pages is better when they're real pages not clicks on the screen (does this mean I am becoming old fashioned?). And that still doesn't answer the question of why I feel so disorganized.

    Which brings me back to the link at the top of this post. I think I'm going to have to print it out so I can read it a few times and cogitate more upon the message therein.

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    K said...

    I had a palm pilot and gave it away to my SIL. I need paper. I just have to write down the important details of my daily life. To have a "system" crash on me would be very, very bad!