Tuesday, January 02, 2007

tink tink tink

Stitch Sisters again tonight. A small group of us but that was good because I needed a lot of help. The hoodie is back. I started it back in 2005 *gulp*. Somewhere along the way it got put down. Now I've sufficiently emptied bunches of stash, reduced my on-the-needle inventory and have decided that I really need to finish this sweater before another summer of beach weather comes and goes.

Unfortunately in the meantime I lost my "cheat sheet" that told me where I was on the sweater. One of the sisters helped me figure it out after a couple of attempts to figure out what size I was knitting (I'm ashamed to confess that I didn't remember). Try counting sleeve stitches over and over and .... Finally got it. She measured and told me where I was.

Happily I picked up and soared off on the new row. In the wrong direction *sigh*. Tink time (un-knit in other words). Luckily I only did one row before that I realized it. I was quietly tinking to myself when another sister mentioned "You have a funny string hanging from the middle of your sweater." *blush*, 'unh huh, that's why I'm tinking.' But I got it fixed and am confident that I will work on this hoodie until it is done. Maybe I'll even take a picture of me in it (no promises until it's done)

In exciting news, one of us, not me, got two adorable new pygmy goats! I'm so excited I can't wait to go over and meet them. They are named Whinney and Whitney. I'm hoping to have a picture of them up soon. They've just arrived and sound absolutely adorable. Hmmmmmm, I wonder if we could hide a pair around here, they could be very useful for clearing out the garden. Neighbors? What neighbors? Maybe if we offered to lend them the goats to clear their yards too......probably not.

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