Wednesday, December 06, 2006

wfmw - recipes

I have certain recipes that I use all the time. My mix-and-match muffins, the recipe for Irish Soda Bread, and several others. To prevent having to look them up all the time in various different places I made a copy of the recipe and taped it to the inside of a cupboard door with my baking supplies. That way I always know where it is and it is near the pans, vanilla, etc. Works for me.

If you want to read more good tips or contribute one of your own go see Shannon and her wonderful Works For Me Wednesday list.


Larae said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing =)

Amy said...

That is a great tip. Much smarter than me running down to the computer (multiple times) to get the list of ingredients.

Thanks for sharing!

The Lynn/Coon Family said...

hey, I do this too! Great minds think alike! :-) At least I know you wouldn't be wondering what's on the inside of my cabinets! LOL