Friday, December 22, 2006

ho ho oh

Running out of steam over here. Some holidays items have been done, some haven't. As I mentioned in an earlier post this year is not quite as holiday-ey as others. I partially blame the lack of snow (very unusual for us) but most realize it's me. I'm not into the whole over-the-top thing. But now here we are a couple of days before Christmas and I'm feeling guilty and wondering if I should gather up a huge burst of energy and make it all happen. Then I think,, because then I'll spend the next week lying on the sofa in a comatose state of exhaustion.

So here's what's done and undone in our house this year:

Goodie boxes made and delivered

Family gingerbread party attended and a wonderful time had by all

Holiday cards? Half written and mailed. The other half? I think they'll be Happy New Year Cards this year.

Tree? Not up

Wreath? Lying on the front porch about to go up...the dog ate the pinecones and ornaments off it but it still smelly pine-y and has a pretty red bow

Decorations? Minimal but there

Holiday music? Playing, actually this is one of the highlights, drinking tea and listening to this lovely music as I do my household chores every day

Presents? Just mailed the last of them yesterday, hope they get there in time. This one is the worst offense but hey, real life interferes sometimes

Other presents? not wrapped, hoping for a marathon wrapping sesson with Steve tomorrow before we head off to my in-laws on Sunday

Holiday spirit? Pretty good actually. I've done the most important things, am not screaming at my kids in frustration because the "holidays" are not getting froofed (this must be my new word I seem to be using it a lot lately), and I'm looking forward to spending a quiet and lovely holiday at my in-laws house. It's all good.

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Sunny said...

glad you are well....
Love the new PIC....
will put on site....
Just wondered if you are still ALIVE? Looks like it lol.....
god bless
Sunny (me lol)