Wednesday, December 13, 2006

st.lucia day

The above picture is special for so many reasons. First of all today is the birthday of my darling S. My first born. The one who gave me the blessing of becoming a mother. I'm so amazed at what an incredible person she is and just thrilled to be her mom. She didn't get breakfast in bed, although she deserved it, but she did get a birthday breakfast surprise with friends, lots of purple balloons, joyous hallooing, wet puppy kisses and presents. Not a bad way to start your day.

Today is also St. Lucia Day and this picture painted by my favorite artist Carl Larsson shows the Scandinavian custom of the oldest daughter in the house portraying Lucia with her crown of light driving the darkness away.

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Chaotic Mom said...

Wow, this is a REALLY cool picture, but moreso with what you've posted.


I've never heard of that artist, but I don't know much about art, anyway. But THIS picture is neat. I'll go check out Carl Larsson now, too.

Hey, thanks a lot for your very nice comments re: what we've been going through with Big Boy, and on being a mom in general. I could have read twenty books on parenting challenges, but nothing would have prepared me for what it would really be like. Thank you for being such a positive force, probably more than you could ever realize. ;)