Tuesday, December 05, 2006

cuddle bug

A friend of mine came for tea today and to let me play with her 9 month old son. He's grown so much since the last time I saw him (6 months ago) it's amazing. Tobi was VERY pleased to meet him. After all N's face was just at Tobi height and covered in all sorts of lucious baby biscuit *gag* crumbs mmmmm yummy yummy.

D accuses me of being a baby snatcher because I love to hug and cuddle them so much. I consider it my priviledge to give other Mom's a break and hold their child for them for a while. Unlike accusations that have recently flown I have absolutely no intention of having any more kids. My baby is an adolescent and I'm not interested in starting over thank-you-very-much. But I confess the fact that she has reached adolescence makes me appreciate how cuddle-able and sweet smelling babies can be.

Speaking of sweet smelling we had a rather interesting discussion at Stitch Sisters tonight. We were talking about, among other things, how wonderful babies smell. One woman remarked that her boys, 3 and 5, don't smell so sweet anymore; they smell like dirt. Another remarked that she wished that her boys, 13 and 16, smelled like dirt because what they smelled like now was not great. Another said that her boys, in their 20's, were out of the house but she hoped they smelled okay. Then someone shared that they had a family member, adolescent male, whose idea of freshening up was to throw his shirt into the dryer with some dryer sheets, put on fresh deodorant and he was good to go. Whoof!

Makes me glad I have girls. They may be messy but they loooove their showers!

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