Wednesday, January 23, 2008

oh boy


I'm supposed to be studying but instead I'm blogging. But I promise, I'm going to get back to studying in just a moment. I just had to share. I got a Ravelry account. Not sure how I managed to get through 6347 people between when I requested and now (about two weeks) but I did. It's going to be a sickness, I can tell already. I have to choose friends, forums, groups, add my stash, patterns, needles, wips. It'll keep me busy for a while, that's for sure. If you want to check me out my ID is miradessy.


The special knitting I was talking about last time I posted? I went to visit my folks and got to go knitting with the Cafe Knitters that my Mom knits with. A very lovely group of ladies, they take over almost all available table space at their local cafe every Wednesday for 2 1/2 hours. Lovely food, good tea, great conversation and fabulous show and tell. It was a lot of fun, not least of which was because I was knitting with Mom.

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