Sunday, January 27, 2008

grains of gratitude

As with journalling, blogging is sometimes sparse these days. But I am and try to always remain grateful for all I have. Today some of the gratitudes foremost on my mind are:

  • The wonderful morning at church
  • Making a delicious soup for dinner (which is cooking on the woodburning stove as I type
  • A nap - an infrequent occurance for me but something I needed today
  • A great conversation with V - she is growing into such a wonderful young woman
  • Catching up with a friend today
  • The woodburning stove
  • The sunshine pouring in the windows
  • The robins, their colorful flashes in the trees reminding me that spring is indeed on it's way
  • My husband and children, they truly enrich my life in so many ways

    With good wishes for all who are reading this (and even those who aren't) for a blessed Sunday.

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