Wednesday, February 14, 2007

wfmw - receipts

Here we are another Wednesday and more tips coming your way. Don't forget to check out Rock In My Dryer and see what Shannon and folks have shared.

My latest works for me is probably not new to most people but is turning out to be surprisingly effective. Saving receipts. I used to save only receipts for things I thought I might need to exchange (for sizing) or for warranty information. A couple of times I've been caught short by needing to return something without a receipt.

Apparently in my area there is a new twist to returning without a receipt which allows the merchant to not return the sales tax you paid. Someone I know tried to return something two weeks after purchasing it and it had alread gone on sale. She was only given the sale price in return, they wouldn't even let her exchange it for the correct size!!! She had to take the lesser price and then buy the correct item which was NOT on sale (go figure).

I now have receipt envelopes in my monthly folders in the filing cabinet. Every single receipt goes into the envelope. Cash receipt for gas? In the envelope. Grocery store receipt? In the envelope. This way I will eventually have one year of receipts but if I really need a receipt I should be able to find it. I'm thinking of refining the system further to go through the receipts and get rid of grocery, gas, etc but we'll see if I get that organized.

At least this way if I need a receipt I know I've got it because I've got ALL of for me.

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Sara said...

GREAT idea! I'm gonna borrow for my own. Thanks! You know those cheapy coupon sorters from the dollar store? Those are great for this kind of organization, too.