Saturday, February 24, 2007

clone food

I don't rant often so if you don't want to read a rant skip this post.


I am not interested in ingesting GMO, Cloned or otherwise monkeyed-with food products. I do not feel that agribusiness has any other motive than lining their pockets. Who cares if people want the right to make a choice, they seem to feel their right to make a profit supercedes that.

I also fail to understand what they hope to gain by modifying foodstuffs. Cloned cows still need to be raised and slaughtered, cloned dairy cows still need to be raised and milked. We don't know enough about what cloning does to animals what will it do to those who ingest cloned food? And what about genetic diversity? I find it somehow repugnant that agribusiness looks for the cheapest and single source solution. That's in part how we wound up with Mad Cow Disease. Someone decided that stretching cow feed by mulching up and adding DEAD SHEEP was a good idea! Excuse me but cows are vegetarians. No surprise that this did not work well. Other agribusiness ventures have tried to reduce plant diversity among food crops such as rice because it's easier for them. That's not a good reason in my book.

Luckily there are some food producers who agree with consumers like me. Such as Ben and Jerry's, Dean Foods and others.

If you don't wish to have cloned foods in your pantry you can let your representative know by joined the Consumer Action Alert sponsored by Citizens for Health.

Thank you for reading, rant over.

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