Tuesday, February 13, 2007

stitching what?

Tonight was Stitch Sisters, ahead of the big storm that is supposed to be coming our way. Luckily we managed to squeeze in a meeting and a chocolate fest...it being almost valentine's day you know. We had red gumdrops, hershey kisses, chocolate gooey cake with real whipped cream and chocolate cupcakes with butter cream frosting and pink and red sprinkles. Mmmmmmmm. Hard to eat and knit at the same time but we mostly chose to eat so that wasn't a problem.

The temperatures have been steadily dropping and the wind picking up all day. Plus it feels a bit damp and humid. As I mentioned there is a big storm coming. One of the ladies mentioned that she was feeling a bit chilly. So I jokingly mentioned that G, one of our fastest knitters, was going to make us all thermal underwear. She mis-heard me and said "purple underwear?". R heard half of the conversation and said, "who's underwear?", and it just got funnier from there. As I was writing this I thought to try to post a picture but the google search was not pretty so I left it out.

We're getting close to done with our next goodwill project. Every year we try to make something for the Church where we meet since they so kindly let us meet for free. We're making flower lapel pins for the ladies luncheon in April. I've REALLY got to get off my rear and start making leaves for all of these flowers. Hopefully I'll find some green yarn in my stash and be able to begin making them. I figure I'm just going to make triangles in different sizes and then we'll stitch them on to the pins. One sister, J, is making felted flowers and they are coming out so beautifully it's really fun to do projects like this. Then we'll need to come up with another charity project. I'll try to remember to take a picture of all of the flower pins to post here when we are done.

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