Sunday, February 11, 2007


Hmmmm, I was catching up on blog reads and came across the needs game from Hanna. It looked interesting although I figured I wouldn't find anything. Boy was I wrong.

How to play:

1. Google *your name* needs
2. List the first 10 items
3. Giggle

Here's mine:

Mira needs: listen to her father (I swear I am NOT making that one up) in order to achieve it's goals (apparently there is a Foundation Mira that trains guide dogs for the blind -- who knew?) know how to identify the raw images (really?) heal
[all] Master Speed and Force Deflection/Force Redirection (Star Wars - wow!)
...Anne Stuart more than Anne Stuart needs Mira (don't know who Anne Stuart is but okay)
...or to very garbled (wrong) input data (didn't make any sense to me either)
...the clout only her sister's ad agency can bring (if I had a sister that is)
...needs to work on her projection (yup) enumerate the links belonging to minimum cuts(coming right up)
...a complex intensive calculation of the maximum flow (help!)

Your turn next...what do YOU need?


iHanna said...

I thought it would Queen of England, but apperently it's a author of romance novels, your Anne Stuart. She has published some of her books under the label Mira, with Harlequin Enterprises. Fun fact huh? ;-)

Melissa R. Garrett said...

LOL! My name is Melissa, and apparently I need sleep (duh!). I also need to "get on board" with my new body, to finish my homework, a home, to plug the holes and climb the ladder quickly before the situation becomes too hot, to post the sign for the 4th annual MEDIC Blood Bowl (ew!), hydration after the walk, and to wake up. Oh, and I also need parents and contact with a sibling in Oregon.

Oh this was too fun! I'm off to post on my blog!

mira said...

Hanna thanks for looking that up. That is a fun fact!