Wednesday, July 19, 2006

stitch sisters

Was last night but I seem to be running late these days with my posts. It's a busy summer.

One of the sisters agreed to have it at her house because she has AC and the church where we meet does't. It made a nice change. We had a really good turnout, collected some more hats and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. I taught one of the sisters how to make the hat pattern that I am making and she did an awesome job using handspun wool (she didn't spin it though); it turned out to be an amazing hat.

It was fun to visit and we got to see the sister-in-questions' new pet. A bunny named Nutmeg. It's rather amusing, they keep Nutmeg on a leash and he really doesn't seem to mind. Sort of like a dog run thing. The chickens are afraid of him apparently. He's very pretty and very soft.

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