Wednesday, July 19, 2006

family fun

We had a great family fun night tonight. After dinner we half-played a rousing game of scrabble. I say half played because suddenly in the middle of the game it was decided that we needed to go down to the town park instead to play basketball. The others assured me that it had nothing to do with the fact that I was whompin the heck outta them but that they felt a need for more energetic activities. Uh huh. I think they're planning to sell me a bridge tomorrow.

So off to the town park with the dog in tow. S brought the big exercise ball and great, hilarious fun ensued with some sort of kickball/soccer game with the rules being made up as the game went along. After everyone was really tired from running around we went over to the basketball court and played an awesomely bad game of horse. We really are pathetic basketball people, but we have fun doing it and that's what matters most. Tobi had a great time running around with us. When it got too dark and too many mosquitos were out we finally decided to head home.

The giggles and laughter and fun made it a perfect summer evening.

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