Wednesday, July 12, 2006

day late dollar short

This is the Tuesday post. Of course this is Wednesday Thursday but we won't pay any attention to that. Wednesday Steve bottled up the wine. He's been letting it sit or steep or whatever it does in that bottle with the funny thing-y on top. It smells delicious. Now it just needs to sit in the bottle for two to three months and then we can taste it. He got 28 bottles, a bad investment. S and V have elected themselves in charge of the labeling and are busy designing the label for a Privee Reserve.

Garden. uh. Still weedy. I actually went so far as to hire a high school kid to come help me. He showed up. One-half hour later it rained absolute buckets with a horrendous thunder and lightening storm to go with it. Not much weeding going on there. I've also hired a couple of neighbor boys to come and help me get some of the lighter stuff done. My kids won't work for me but I guess other kids will.

Stitch Sisters was great. We are up to 21 hats whoo-hoo!. We've got till November so at this rate we should generate quite a few. I did more de-stashing and donated the remnants to the group for people to use for making hats. Serves a great purpose twice, what an awesome idea.

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