Wednesday, March 12, 2008

wfmw - yarn stash

It happens to be Wednesday and I happen to have a tip so I thought I'd jump in the fray here. Don't forget to check out Rocks In My Dryer for more great tips.

I recently reorganized my yarn stash. My biggest problem is that I have a lot of yarn and sometimes forget what I want to do with it or forget where I put it. While I still have boxes in the closet I have also decided to reorganize by taking projects and their pattern and putting them into bags and hanging those bags on hangers in the closet. This way when I am looking for a new project or want to work on a project I started and stopped I can go through the bags. Makes the closet neater, keeps the projects neatly organized and definitely works for me.


Laane said...

That's funny. I do the same and it really works.

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Have a great day!!!

Sheila said...

I have so much yarn it's not even funny.

I recently put a bunch in those project bags, too, but I didn't think to put the pattern in. That's a good idea.

Other than that, I've organized it by weight (worsted, sport, etc.) in those plastic drawer things that you can see into. And I've tried to organize a bit by colour, too.

I always think the yarn is so pretty it's too bad you can't just decorate with it...

Have a good day!

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Amy said...

Have you signed up for Ravelry? They have all sorts of organizational stuff for your stash and your projects. I'd be more descriptive, but I just signed up myself, so I haven't checked it all out yet! Everything I've heard from more experienced users makes it sound like the best thing since sliced bread, though.

Heart of Wisdom said...

Great idea,

Thanks for sharing.