Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Watching a friends kids again today. It's fun to have them in the house, even funnier to try to figure out what they are saying.

Miss P wanted a snack. The conversation went something like this:

P: I'm hungry
Me: Do you want some graham crackers?
P: I don't like graham crackers
Me: What about some popcorn (which her sister and D were eating)?
P: I don't like popcorn
Me: I have apples
P: I don't like apples
Me: Well then I guess I don't have anything you like
P: You have no food?
Me: I have lots of food but you don't want to eat what I have
P: How do you know what I want?
Me: Okay, what do you want
P: I really like boo-yoni
{took a minute for my brain to process this and realize that she meant bologna}
Me: I don't have any boo-yoni. But I have cheese, would you like some cheese?
P: I don't like cheese.
Me: I guess we're back where we started.
P: What about cream cheese?
Me: We have that.
P: Okay, I'll take cream cheese
Me: On bread?
P: Yes, on bread
P: I don't like butter
Me: This isn't butter, it's cream cheese, see, it's white
P: We buy white butter
Me: Okay, but this isn't butter, it's cream cheese
P: Okay, just checking
Me: Want some grapes to go with this?
P: Yes please

And apparently Miss P does not eat crusts so Tobi was the lucky recipient of crusts with the smallest smear of cream cheese on them. He didn't get any grapes though.


Sunny said...

Dear Mira
Just to say have posted a couple of things to you... Am out of bed more now....
Can't get on my other blog @ the library...
But have strted poetry blog@
SHALOM Hope all is well

Sunny said...

Hoping to get a computer soon
as I can no longer access
xanga at the library
FRUSTRATING.... Not sure why
I think firewall
we went to the fellowship last night was really
Spirit filled!
Everyone was pleased to see me

I'm a Little Teapot said...

cute, its such a fun age.

Sunny said...

Don't know if you will get this???
Hope the move went well?
Am now in the condo...
David still @ the house part time