Wednesday, September 26, 2007

still here

but taking a break.

Thanks to all who have emailed wondering where I am. I made a decision over the summer to go back to school. I know, I know...send two kids to college and decide to go back yourself...what was I thinking?

I'm studying to become a Nutritional Educator and have to say that I am really enjoying using my brain cells in this new (old) way. Having to write papers, do homework, listen to lectures, read about and learn about all sorts of new and interesting subjects; it's all very cool. Doesn't leave me much time for blogging though. I'm still trying to visit my favorite blogreads but have come to accept that posting is probably not going to happen for a while.

For those who read (and comment) thank you!! I will be back, I just need to reprioritize and refocus for right now.

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