Monday, May 28, 2007

almost birthday

Yes, it's almost my birthday. Since Steve has to work that day we celebrated early.

Went to pick up my present, a fire pit, and dinner from Panera Bread yummmmmm. After dinner and loving presents from Steve and the girls we sat out on the deck and enjoyed the firepit along with a bottle of Steve's homemade wine. Nothing could be better. Crickets and bullfrogs in the background. Lazy conversation and hypnotic flames, it was very relaxing and wonderful. What a great family I have, I am so truly blessed.


Linda Ringwood said...

Hi Mira, you have such a cute little post.Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!Hope you enjoyed the day with your family.You truly are blessed with such a caring family.I'm hoping to see you post some of the birthday presents that you received. In case you want, you'll love to check some interesting birthday gift and celebration ideas on my blog.Cheers!

Melissa R. Garrett said...