Sunday, November 05, 2006

lovely weekend

We went to my parents where they had a house chock-a-block full of people, my Aunt, a friend of theirs, his lady friend, us, them, two cats. We had a really lovely time visiting with everyone and all of the great conversations and wonderful food.

Yesterday we got to attend a Guy Fawkes day party thrown by their slightly insane neighbors who live down the street. It's always a crowded and hilarious time. This year was no exception. After eating mountains of food the assembled throng was treated to a slightly revised version of English history, a truly spectacular burning of the guy (these people have a friend who is a pyrotechnic expert -- the head of the guy exploded!), fireworks, recitations of Der Jammerwoch (Jabberwocky in German) and Rindercella as well as some amazingly fabulous live celtic music. There were party hats of all types to wear, a tacky table (I'm going to have to find something suitably tacky to contribute next year) and lots of great people to have great conversations with. Fun, fun, fun.

Today was a lovely brunch put together by my Mom and her sister, a nice autumn walk afterwards and then more great conversations. My Aunt and I started knitting a hat together for my Great-Aunt. It's fun to be working on the project together. It seems to have been a popular idea because now everybody wants Dad, Steve... hmmmm...maybe they were kidding? All in all it was a very relaxing and fun weekend, just what we needed.


Chaotic Mom said...

You are an amazing lady. THAT SOUNDS LIKE SO MUCH FUN! The party, working on the project together. You seem to have a good grasp on who you are and what makes you tick. I always love visiting here and reading your posts. ;)

BTW, I have a "knitting board". I don't really know how to knit, but with this thingy I can make an okay scarf. What kind of yarns/colors do you use for your hats? What's popular these days?

mira said...

It seems that bulky yarns are pretty popular, mostly because you can make a hat really fast using them and Lionbrand has a nice soft bulky yarn that people seem to like. Colors seem to be personal preference.